Corporate Communication

Our corporate communication focuses on the development of the brand reputation among the relevant stakeholders, through an integrated strategy that selects the on and offline channels best suited to the objectives.

The consultancy activity always begins from an in-depth analysis and revolves around the values and stories of the company, its mission and the scenario in which it operates daily to identify the key messages to convey to the stakeholders.

This type of communication is useful when the company finds itself facing the launch of a new business, a process of internationalization, a repositioning in the market, a rebranding phase, company restructuring or managing an internal or external critical situation.

Competence Communication can give its strategic contribution in the following environments:
  • Institutional Communication (CSR): to inform the stakeholders and the media of the corporate social responsibility activities.
  • Coordinated images and new brands: to convey the image of a company, through key messages, and support it in the potential phase of new brands which are connected to it
  • Positioning and Mission: to foster the understanding of the distinctive characteristics of the brand amongst the public
  • Corporate Press Office: to communicate with the general, economic and new-business press
  • Editorial Products (brochures, leaflets, invites): to support the business in the creation of informative materials to be used both internally and externally.