Brochure for an eco-friendly house

Brochure for an eco-friendly house
Cofely Italia


In order to highlight its presence in the residential building sector and, in particular, to reach the target audience of apartment block administrators, Cofely expressed the necessity to develop a Below the Line tool to present the benefits of energy efficiency in the home and simultaneously its own commercial offer.


Competence developed the concept of a "green and eco-friendly home" for Cofely. Using this as a springboard, Competence created a brochure on eco-friendliness with advice on how to efficiently manage air-conditioning, heating, boilers, fixtures and pipes. The brochure also presents Cofely’s commercial offer within the sector. On this topic, Competence also developed media relations activities.


  • Concept creation of the brochure
  • Graphics
  • Editorial Coordination
  • Editing
  • Press Office